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"Welcome to The Lime Kiln"

Tradition has it that in days gone by travellers and passers by would gather at the surface of Lime Kilns in order to benefit from the warmth emitted from the fires deep below the ground. They would enjoy the hospitality for three or four days before moving on.  

Whilst we don't anticipate people staying for days of a time we hope that once again travellers and passers by may be drawn to the re-lit Lime Kiln here in the Tanat Valley, to enjoy some warm hospitality traditional ales and home cooked food.
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Turn any special occasion memorable

If you are planning to host a special event for a group, contact us. We will tailor a customised menu that will delight you and your guests.
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Cosy and family-friendly ambience

View some pictures to appreciate the warm and serene ambience of our restaurant. There is enough space for pets to run around too.
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Great place to get together

Whether you want to visit with your partner, your child or your extended family, you're sure to have a great time with us. Contact us to book your table.
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Looking for a child-friendly restaurant where you can host special events? Contact The Lime Kiln, Oswestry.
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